Why Google Plus For Business

Google+ For BusinessThere has been a lot of talk about Google Plus for business (Google+) since its inception. Where’s the value? Is it worth the time and energy? What’s the point Google, to compete with Facebook?

Well, Chris Brogan has been a huge advocate of rockin’ your business presence on Google+ which he writes about it in his book…

Here’s a quote:


My easiest answer? This social network is run by Google, the #1 search engine in the world and gateway to YOUR business. Why else? Because Google is pressing hard to use this technology to build an underpinning for many of its other services, and this will grow your business, if used well. This platform is a must-use platform, in my opinion. And when should you start? Now. While people aren’t all there yet. …read more at Google Plus

Well the fine folks at BlueGlass hooked Chris up with a great visual perspective on the myriad of reasons why Google+ is will continue to be good for your business. I consider Google+ to be one of the top social networks you and your business should be on along with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Google Plus for Business

Why Google+ For Business

Source: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/gplusinfographic/

Sooooo…what do YOU think about Google Plus for business? How often do you or your company use Google+? What do you see as the future of G+?

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  1. Great infographic on Google +. It is a weird social networking site that does have potential…the one stat in there I am wondering about is the users and how often the log in. When you log into gmail you log into all your other Google accounts as well, so I feel like that stat may be weighted more than it should be.

  2. Hello Timothy and thanks for this easy guide on how to better use Google + for your business. I would say that one of the problems with getting your head around ‘how to use Google +’ is the shear range of different things that you can do with it. I’m experienced at SEO and I will admit to finding it quite difficult to focus on just those areas that I need to. And of course there is getting your head around the myriad of privacy settings. My advice to all who are new to Google plus is ‘Go Slow’ and tackle a little of it each day. Try and work with a close colleague to see how your tweaks and changes effect your profile and decide if this is right for you and your business. Thanks again Timothy, great infographic.


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