The 2013 Ultimate SEO Checklist For Better Ranking

seo checklistDespite claims by SEO “gurus” and fly-by night web designers who want to make more money so they say “Hey, I can do SEO too…”, search engine optimization is complex. SEO has really changed over the last few years. Without having a firm understanding of your site, of the SEO best practices, you can easily find your site nowhere near the 1st page of Google for the keywords you want to rank for.

This article is going to give you a cheat sheet infographic, of what to avoid, what you need to know and what tactics you should be implementing in 2013. Mind you, this is not something that needs to be done overnight. Nor is it something you want to rush through. Having a website means, you’ll always be tweaking your site. Trying to find ways to maximize your SEO for the best traffic results.

There is definitely information overload out there when it comes to search engine optimization. One of the most common SEO questions is always, “Where should I begin?”

Since you’ve already set up a website, you’ve already begun the process of search engine optimization. Every article you write, every product page you add to your site, every new follow, fan or connection you make on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or whatever your preferred social networking is, they all add to your website’s SEO.

The following SEO checklist will shorten your learning curve and give you some great tips to get more out of what you might be doing already. You will also get great tips on where you can optimize on-site and offsite to increase your ranking that you may not have realized you needed to do.

An SEO checklist is just that, a checklist. It’s there to help you. Definitely not there to make you feel overwhelmed and no need to rush through and finish it. As a matter of fact, your SEO optimization will never end as long as you own your website. There are always going to be a list of things you can do to keep moving your search engine ranking results.

The infographic is “SEO Checklist For 2013: A Complete Guide”, and it’s created by Ben Norman. It’s pretty straightforward and offers some great information. True SEO optimization will help you will see a significant impact on your ranking once the search engines have spidered and re-indexed your website pages again.

SEO is an ever changing set of algorithms that will respond to changes that we make to our websites. Take the steps to optimize your site for better search engine ranking.

Your Ultimate SEO Checklist For Better Ranking

seo checklist



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