Stop It! 7 Ways You’re Annoying People on Social Media

Social media is supposed to make us, well, more social. But if you’re annoying everyone you come in contact with, chances are you aren’t acting very sociably. You wouldn’t want to be committing one of the seven deadly sins of social media either. Here are the top things you should stop doing on social media like Facebook, and never, ever do again.

1. Posting Vague Statuses

vague facebook status update

Image via Flickr by HarcoRutgers

Do you ever post something like, “WTF?” or “this sux” with no explanation at all? Well, stop, because it’s annoying. If you have something to say, by all means spit it out. If not, then shut up because the rest of us don’t have time to try to decipher your ramblings. By the way, there’s a real term for this annoying habit. The Urban Dictionary defines it as vaguebooking.

(Psssst: even more annoying is when you ask people “what?” and they reply, “Can’t say it on FB!” Really, if you can’t say it on Facebook, why are you posting anything at all?)

2. Unsolicited Game Invitations

We’re really glad you have nothing to do but grow virtual carrots and raise virtual fish, but frankly we’re not interested in helping you do so. We have our own lives to live. We don’t want to help you build your city, improve your farm lands, or create a virtual dog to play with your virtual cat. Please, leave us alone!

3. TMI

Truly, we’re all happy that your two-year old finally went poop in the potty, and we’re overjoyed about how smoochy you are with your significant other. But, really, we don’t need intimate descriptions (or photos) to get the gist. Some moments are inherently private, as much for our sakes as for yours.

4. Using Facebook Like Twitter

People, this is fairly simple, #ILoveCats and @SallyJohnson is Twitter fodder. Why do you post it on Facebook? On Twitter it makes perfect sense, because it stimulates conversations and helps us keep up with each other. On Facebook, it’s just confusing and annoying.

5. Tagging Us in Photos We’re Not In

If I’m not at the party with you, why are you tagging me in it saying, “Wish you were here?” Tagging is specifically to indicate that person A and person B are in place C doing D. If person B is nowhere near place C and isn’t doing D, please don’t tag him. It annoys him.

6. “I hate my life” Posts

Okay, we all have good days and bad days. But if all you’re posting is FML, you really need to abandon social media and get a good shrink. If we’re having a relatively good day, you’re killing our buzz. If we’re having an awful day, you aren’t doing anything to help, so shut up.

7. Perpetually Cheery Posts

Spewing negativity all over the Internet is annoying, but equally annoying is the incessant bragger. “Look at my new car!” “Love my life!” “Don’t you wish you had these new boots of mine?” Ugh. Spare us, we beg of you. If your life is really so rosy, at least lead us to believe you’re normal by tossing out an, “Uh oh, flat tire” once in awhile so we don’t feel so bad about our own lives.

When you’re ready to stop being annoying on social media, there is help. Check out the 20 most annoying things people do on Facebook and stop doing all of them immediately. The Internet will be a better world for us all.

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Timothy Carter is a search engine optimization consultant. An internet marketing veteran 16+ years, Timothy has experience helping small business, solo-preneurs in both B2B and B2C markets. Currently, Timothy is the Digital Marketing Manager for trade show display company Nimlok.


  1. What a great article Timothy, keep them coming

  2. Herbert Esmahan says:

    “7. Perpetually Cheery Posts” I’m sorry but if other peoples success makes you jealous, that automatically makes YOU the unwanted friend, let me go ahead and switch number 7 from “Perpetually cheery posts” to “7. People that envy your success” definitely not someone you’d want to have on your profiles friendlist!!

  3. you left out “inspirational quotes” that I think make the person posting them feel like they are wise, rather than annoying

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