Social Media Marketing Industry Trend (Infographic)

social media marketing trendsSocial media trends are always fun for a social geek like myself. From the hottest sites, to the demographics of which social channels are right for clients and customers, I love being on the edge of what’s going on.¬†Looking at the trends of social media marketing from why marketers like social media as a part of their marketing, the top social media channels they like to utilize for their marketing efforts, and how they are planning to use social media marketing in the future is helpful for my business, for clients and to know where the potential customers are at.

This infographic shed some light on the latest trends in social media like:

Top 10 challenges marketers face in Social Media Marketing

  • Measuring the effect of Social Media Marketing
  • Finding target audience
  • Engaging with target audience
  • Selling products and services on Social media sites
  • Increasing productivity to maximize social media results
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Identifying the most effective social media techniques
  • Finding efficient tools to manage social media plans
  • Using Different social media platforms
  • Finding the best social media platform for business

Let me know your thoughts after checking out this infographic which utilized the data from Social Media Examiner‘s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

social media marketing industry trends


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  3. Hi Timothy. Great infographic. I just saved your infographic and I will train my SMO trainees by it. Thanks for sharing it. Now social signal is more important than anything else. Yeah of course content will matter but social media signals will rule internet marketing world.