Social Media Coaching

social media coachingDoes the thought of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Yelp, LinkedIn just overwhelm you? You don’t know where to begin or what is best for your business but want to?

Timothy Carter offers social media coaching to help coach you and your business. Empower you with the knowledge, information and resources to successfully use and maximize social networking channels for your business.

Social Media Coaching is ideal for:

  • any individual/solo-preneur
  • business owner
  • professional services company
  • job seeker

Basically, social media coaching is for anyone that wants to understand how to use social media networking sites for their business. From navigating how to use social media on a personal level, to marketing a product, service and/or build their personal brand for themselves or their product/company. Social media coaching can even help you on how to effectively launch and manage a successful social media marketing campaign.

There are several benefits of getting social media coaching from Timothy Carter:

  • Customized social media training to your needs / learning level
  • Integrates marketing tips regarding your business / industry
  • Detailed explanation of the social networking tool
  • Best Practices and How to manage social media tasks easier
  • Follow-up Support for questions that arise after training

Social Media Coaching with Timothy Carter

1. One-on-one social media coaching – We can meet at your office, or public space (like a coffee shop) or via Skype. We can talk through your current strategy or develop one together that will coincide with your current marketing plans. We will create a plan that will give you the power to post on your business page with confidence! Hourly rate is $125 per hour. (There is a lower rate so ask about a multi hour option.)

These coaching sessions are done via the telephone (Skype if you are not in the US) and remote connection software, , or in person if you are local to Timothy Carter. He will walk you you step by step how to use social media networking sites and tools. Timothy teaches you how to optimize for ease, use, social media marketing tactics to get the word out about you and your business.

Each coaching session is scheduled in a minimum of one hour increments (two hours is preferred). Advance payment is required and a minimum 24 hours advance notice required for cancellations once a training session has been scheduled. No refunds.

Timothy has trained many individuals online and in-person. What you will find from working with Timothy is:

  • Speaking at a level that is understandable to all users / not just “geek” speak
  • Do-it-yourself approach which helps people remember “how to” do it later
  • Willingness to share “social media strategies” and advice during the training
  • Explaining what each and every aspect of a tool means / does
  • Patience with answering questions to help shorten the social media learning curve

After these social media coaching sessions, you will come away from them feeling confident, prepared and have a plan of attack to promote your business more effectively through the use of social media.

If you are looking for some feedback on what you are CURRENTLY doing with your social media marketing there is:

2. Social Media Audit – Want another set of eyes to review what you are already doing on Social Media? You send me your public profiles on applicable sites and I will review them. Then, we can spend 30 minutes on the phone – to plan your best social media strategy moving forward for your greatest success. $199

Either way, I’m ready to help you and your business get what you want and need from your social media marketing.

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