Social Media Success Secret Tip #1 – Find Your People

Social Media Success KeyCongratulations on deciding you too want social media success! You’re reading the first, in a series of tips to finding out how and to developing your own:

Social Media Success

Everyone wants to know the secret to social media success. They want to know the magic secret shortcut to take them from nobody online and no sales to a respected thought leader in the industry generating sales all day long.

But wait…it’s not that simple.

It’s not that easy because there is no magic secret short to social media success. There are a combination of factors and actions that you need to implement on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to truly build social marketing success. It doesn’t happen overnight. For many of the people who are successful, it took them YEARS of being dedicated to living a social media lifestyle where they built themselves, their company and their brand.

Are you willing to do the work and make the sacrifice?

Here’s the first in about 10 or 12 tips…

Social Media Success Tip #1 – Find Your People

One of the biggest hurdles to social media success is the lack of eyes on your content. Whether it’s your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or wherever you set up your social media outpost, you need people checking out what you’re talking about, what you’re sharing, and at some point, what you and/or your company offers.

But you just can’t have any ol’ people looking at what you offer, so don’t go out there and just start randomly adding people on Twitter, “friending” people on Facebook just to have ego-inflating numbers of followers…they need to be targeted individuals who would be interested in what you have.

100, 500, 1000 targeted followers in your niche is far more profitable in the long term than 10,000 random people who may not even care about what you’re sharing.

You need a community of people that are interested in what you’re interested in, what you and/or your company want to talk about. A group of people that you can share your passion, your excitement, your company with.

If you don’t find people who want what you offer then every single other social media success tip will not help.

This is only the beginning, but it is the foundation to social media success. Find your people…if you don’t know how, ask me how.

Be on the look out for the next social media success secret…engagement. :)

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