Pros and Cons of the Top 6 Social Media Channels

Social media network pros and consWhich social media network is the right one for you and for your business? Have you ever really analyzed which social media channel would be most effective for what you’re trying to accomplish socially?

The hot sites are…

  •  Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

…but do they meet what you need for your business? Will your business do better on Pinterest or Twitter? Do you know?

Remember the old school way of deciding if something was right or wrong for you? We pulled out that old sheet of paper put a line down the center of it. At the top of the page, wrote, “Pro” on the left and “Con” on the right. Then listed everything we could think of.

A bit of a variant on that is this infographic that highlights the positives and negatives of each of the top 6 social media channels.

As you read through it, think about the benefits and the drawbacks to each site and then consider what your goals are. If you believe you are able to work through some of the “issues” of a site and can build something special within that social channel with your product, your social media marketing strategy…then you have a winner.

Social media network pros and cons

Don’t just blindly jump into the social network without having a firm grasp on your objective, your strategy and what you will be up against when it comes to establishing your brand socially.