Social Media Marketing World #SMMW15

2015 social media marketing worldSocial Media Marketing World…

is presented by Social Media Examiner is the “world’s largest social media marketing conference” and I’ve been looking forward to attending this conference since their inaugural conference in 2013. The company I work for, Nimlok, gave me the opportunity to go this year. [Read more…]

How LinkedIn Can Drive Traffic To Your Trade Show Exhibit

LinkedIn has become one of the most important ways for professionals to connect with each other. If you don’t already have a profile, then you can think of it as Facebook for people who are more interested in forging business connections than gossiping and sharing pictures. Once you have a profile, use these strategies to increase traffic at your next trade show display exhibit.

Connect With People in Your Industry

connect with people on linkedin

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5 Tips Small Businesses Can Use To Maximize Pinterest For Profit

You’ve heard how social networking sites such as Pinterest can boost your sales, but how can the small business maximize this potential? The keys to marketing success on Pinterest are entertaining your viewers and solving a problem for them. If your posts are entertaining, people will share your message with others. If you solve a problem for them, they’ll buy your product.

1. Cater to Your Perfect Customer

cater to your perfect customer on pinterest [Read more…]

Five Reasons Why Social Media Is Power Full Marketing

Do you take social media seriously for your business? Do you understand why it can be a game changer to your business?

If social media consistently isn’t in your marketing arsenal, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools available to you. People aren’t using the phone book to find products and services anymore. They’re asking Facebook friends, turning to their Twitter followers, or using a search engine to get the goods. Here are the reasons social media is so powerful.

1. Social Media is Inexpensive

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Too many business owners haven’t truly grasped the potential of social media marketing. From connecting with more people locally, building a community of people who love what your business offers, to the local SEO benefits that social media offers. What do you think?

Social Media Marketing Industry Trend (Infographic)

social media marketing trendsSocial media trends are always fun for a social geek like myself. From the hottest sites, to the demographics of which social channels are right for clients and customers, I love being on the edge of what’s going on. Looking at the trends of social media marketing from why marketers like social media as a part of their marketing, the top social media channels they like to utilize for their marketing efforts, and how they are planning to use social media marketing in the future is helpful for my business, for clients and to know where the potential customers are at.

This infographic shed some light on the latest trends in social media like: [Read more…]

Social Media Marketing Basic Action Plan

SocialMediaChecklist_thumbFor most people and small businesses, marketing on multiple social media channels can be overwhelming. And it’s understandable. Trying to juggle running the day to day operations of a business, staying focused on generating sales while thinking, planning, responding on the different social networks can push a person into “tilt mode”.

In order to not hit “tilt” and stay focused on the end result of your social media marketing efforts you’ve got to break down your plan and social activities into manageable chunks. [Read more…]

There IS A Method To The Social Marketing Madness

Social Marketing Madness

There are thousands of people, no, hundreds of thousands of people leaping into social media marketing and social networks without a detailed method they are going to utilize to build their business. With the myriad of ways to reach people, it’s even MORE important to understand the process of social media marketing that produces money!

A fellow Carter, Brian Carter that is…(we’re not related, but he’s a real cool cat too. Funny guy. you can follow him on Twitter. He’s @BrianCarter) “Author of The Like Economy, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn For Business. Search/social marketer, keynote speaker and trainer. Improv and stand-up comic. ~ Charleston, SC”, posted some time ago one of the finest breakdowns of the “method to the madness” that IS social media marketing I’d seen at the time. Here’s just one image of [Read more…]

Is Social Media Marketing A Game or Serious Business?

People buy into the hype of social media marketing like a puppy ready to play fetch. The potential of wealth beyond measure, fame and fortune, internet sales based on social community development around a particular niche is pretty exciting to some. Developing fans of your product and brand, increased word of mouth marketing to extend your company’s reach often is a huge asset to a business.

Social marketing’s impact on [Read more…]

6 Ways To Stand Out In Social Marketing

You Can Stand Out in Social Marketing

Stand Out In Social Media MarketingIt’s hard not to get lost in the morass of information and the crush of humanity in social marketing.

What does it take to stand out from the crowd in social media?

In an already over-crowded social landscape, brands face stiff competition for the attention of the social audience. [Read more…]

Will Social Media Bots Replace The Salespeople?

Social lead generation is HOT. I should know, I’ve used social media marketing, relationship building tactics to gain new customers and clients since the good ol’ days of America Online (AOL). Yep, I just TOTALLY dated myself. 😉 It’s a social media strategy that will never grow old…but [Read more…]