How To Have An Attitude Of Gratitude And Change Your Life

have an attitude of gratitude

Do you have an attitude of gratitude about your life? Ever think about what you’re thankful for in your life? Yes? No? Sometimes? Never?

I do!

Every morning I pick up my phone and write down three things I’m grateful for before I get out of bed. Three things that would make the day great along with a thought/theme/affirmation for my day.

Every evening I write down three amazing things that happened during the day. Included in this daily routine are: the occasional picture, and review what could have made the day even better. It has been a daily routine that has profoundly impacted how I look at life, and how I feel at the start of the day and what I focus on ending my day. And it all takes about five minutes.

Living with an attitude of gratitude.

The world around us is so full of negativity, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of negative news that happens in life. Equally easy is to allow that negativity creep into our mental and emotional state of well-being.

I don’t know about you but I prefer to choose to live my day focused on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.

No matter what is going on in the world, or in my life, I make it a point to think about at least three things I’m grateful for each day and write them down.

At the beginning of the year, I stumbled across 5 Minute Journal due to a Tim Ferris video, author of the 4 Hour Work Week.

I love the idea of writing in a journal, but the reality of my life with 3 kids, a full-time job, consulting,  my health/fitness and writing for a living…a daily long form journal does not get a lot of consistent action.

5 Minute Journal was/is a revolution to my daily routine.

5 Minute Journal created a nifty hardbound journal that you can write down what you’re grateful for, what would make today great to start off your day. They include an inspirational quote at the top of the page and then at the end of the day you can review your day with what made today amazing and what could have happened to make it better.

gratitude 5 minute journal

For me, I prefer to use the 5 Minute Journal app I downloaded to my iPhone. Makes it easy to write my thoughts down, capture images of the day that made the day great and as I’m in bed, to quickly review my thoughts of the day.

As I reviewed the months’ worth of gratitude journaling with 5 Minute Journal, the trend of what I’m grateful for is pretty apparent. I’m often writing that I’m grateful for the love of my wife, the sound of my daughter’s laughter or look on her face when she smiles at me, grateful for the freedom my job affords me to work at home and be with my family. My health. Or the simple blessing of sitting on a lanai and seeing this view:

grateful for this view

I truly focus on what’s important in my life, how blessed I am, and stay in touch with the gift that life has in spite of days that are not so great. Having an attitude of gratitude really keeps me thinking positive instead of dwelling on the negative in those times.

If you want to develop an attitude of gratitude about your life, take a few minutes to think about what you’re grateful for today. And if you want to make being grateful a habit, go get the 5 Minute Journal book or download the app.

5 Steps For B2B Social Media Marketing Success

If you want a successful business to business (B2B) social media marketing campaign, you’ll need to follow these 5 steps. Without them, you’ll likely fall short of your goals. Of course, that assumes you even know what your goals are.

1. Set Goals

72 percent of companies don’t set specific goals for their social media marketing campaigns. That’s a huge mistake that will impede your business’s performance.

If you don’t set goals, then how will you even know if your campaign has been successful? You won’t.

You’ll need to sit down and establish a set of realistic goals before you start your campaign. You can realign your goals over time, but you still need to start from a baseline. Otherwise, you’re lost without a map or a compass to guide you.

2. Understand Social Media’s Abilities

Don’t get involved in social media marketing just because everyone else is doing it. You can’t just jump in without doing some research either.

Start by learning more about what social media can actually do for you.

Social media can:

  • Help you connect with other people and businesses
  • Give you a way to share videos, blog posts, and other content
  • Show you how to connect with companies that aren’t using your services

Social media can’t:

  • Increase your sales without hard work from you
  • Magically introduce you to company executives
  • Convert all of your leads into sales

In other words, social media marketing is another tool you should use, but it won’t do the job for you.

3. Appoint a Social Media Marketer

You have to put someone in charge of social media marketing. Making one person responsible for updates and reaching out to make new connections should create a cohesive strategy. If you let several people pass the reigns back and forth, your marketing campaign will lack cohesion.

If you’re really serious about using social media to expand B2B success, then you can let your head of social media marketing hire a small staff. Every member of that staff, though, should report to the social media manager. Without an authority figure, you’ll have chaotic content.

4. Remember That Branding Matters

Social media is a great way to increase your company’s brand awareness. Try to integrate social media as a part of your overall branding plan. Don’t treat it as something completely separate. Make it a natural extension of the marketing that you do in the real world. From your marketing materials, your email signatures, even your pop up displays at a trade show  your presenting at, your social media links should be a part of them.

This should help create a coherent brand identity that potential clients can recognize.

5. Learn How to Convert Leads Into Sales

Getting leads is one thing. Converting them into sales is an entirely different beast. You should get a higher conversion rate from social media marketing when you have a plan for how you will turn leads into sales.

Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect; however, it does need quantifiable parameters so you can measure its success. Over time, you can tweak the plan for a better conversation rate.

Like any marketing strategy, the more time and resources you put into a campaign, the better the result. Do you have other steps that you use for B2B social media marketing success? Which have worked best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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OK, I admit it…I have been avoiding getting an iPhone. No particular reason other than it’s Apple. ;) And that I loved to poke fun at my friends for getting the iPhone with a data plan with AT&T that sucked. I prefer unlimited data on my smart phone.

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