How Do I Become A Morning Person?

I’ve always been known as a night owl doing the whole “early bird gets the worm” with my day job. It was a constant battle with night Timothy and day Timothy.

These days, you’re more likely to find me waking up at 4 in the morning instead of getting to sleep by 4 a.m. I never thought it would happen! Even more amazing to me personally is that my mornings tend to be when I am most productive. Nobody is awake to distract me! And I’m energized instead of hitting the snooze button a half a dozen times!

Gotta be honest right here… [Read more…]

200 Google Search Ranking Factors

seo ranking factorsAhhhh…search engine optimization (SEO) is a wonderful pain in the ass for businesses big and small. Done right, your website can be flooded with quality traffic. Do it wrong and nobody visits your site. From on-site work via site structure, content, images, keywords, etc., etc can be overwhelming. Add to that all the Google algo changes that have impacted how a site ranks from social media, to link building, SEO is a very complex world to be competitive in. Definitely not something to be dabbled in by someone or companies that don’t understand all the variables that can positively or negatively affect search results for a business online. [Read more…]

10 Things To Do In Hawaii

hawaiiAnyone who truly knows me, knows I love great coffee and the state of Hawai’i. You will find me occasionally writing here about Hawai’i and the Aloha lifestyle along with all things social media and SEO in Hawaii.

There’s so much to do and so much to see in Hawaii. I thought a top ten idea list would be fun to post (see the infographic below). But I also wanted to share some of my personal recommendations/resources for all things Hawaii.

30 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

If you’ve spent hours doing research, finding graphics, writing and revising your latest article, it would make sense you want to maximize its exposure in today’s social media world. Here are 30 ways to drive more traffic to your site for each of your blog posts.

ways to promote your blog post

Now what do you think? Any of them you’ll implement for your next article?

Over 20 Ideas To Help You Create Content

The fine folks at Copyblogger put together a fantastic collection of content inducing ideas when you have no idea what to write about. Content creation is not always easy.


image of idea spreading

Sometimes you’re just flat out of ideas.

It’s not a matter of talent — you’ve written great stuff in the past. But lately, when you go back to the well for a fresh idea, it’s coming up dry.

This happens to the best of us — even veterans who consistently produce quality content have their off days.

Yet they continue to write.

They may grumble about how hard it is to get going and create something solid, but they still do. Again, and again, and again.

They aren’t super-human, and they don’t have magical content-producing powers. So what is the secret?

They do it by pulling out the well-worn toolbox of strategies for creating awesome content.

You can read the entire article here…OR…you can take in the awesomeness that is the following infographic:

22 Ways To Create Compelling Content

compelling content creation ideas


Has any of these methods worked for you? Which one are you thinking of trying first? Got an idea to share with everyone? Leave a comment below and let us know.

10 SEO Copywriting Tips That Work in 2013

seo copywriting tipsWhen it comes to ranking your site, having content that is SEO savvy is extremely important. If your content isn’t focused, your site won’t show up in the search results for the keywords you want it to.

The old ways of getting your website to rank are long gone, but there are many legitimate ways to help boost your site’s optimization. One of the foundational methods is through quality SEO copywriting.

A couple of great SEO copywriting tips are: [Read more…]

Ingredients for SEO Success in 2013

Ingredients or the recipe for SEO success in 2013 can seem like it’s an overwhelming task to get right. A dash of this, a bit of that…and if you don’t have something else, your website doesn’t rank right, if at all.

With the rise of social networks, the art and practice of search engine optimization (SEO) keeps changing. Luckily, content is still the main driver of traffic online. [Read more…]

Optimizing Pinterest Images For Business Success

Pinterest for business is on fire. Are you using Pinterest to promote your products and business? Did you realize you should be optimizing your images? Yes? No? Need help? I got ya covered. The gang over at Avalaunch Media dropped this sweet infographic, “Pinterest Image Optimization” last year and it is still important for marketers to know. Mat Siltala was speaking at the recent SearchFest in Portland, OR on how to grow your business with Pinterest if you’re ready for some more Pinterest for small business goodness.

You will learn ways to maximize [Read more…]

Awww Social Media Explained By Cute Cats

A while back I posted an article that shared how social media was explained with coffee because I LOVE coffee!

People love cute cats so it was inevitable that there would come a time when someone would create an infographic explained with cats. The guys at Avalaunch Media (who created my infographic on trade show display waste) found a great way to use cute kitties and the world renowned “Grumpy Cat” to express the different social media personality types.

The graphic, “SOCIAL MEowDIA EXPLAINED,” takes a [Read more…]

Learn How To Get More Retweets

twitter-retweetGetting retweets is awesome for gaining exposure beyond your circle of influence on Twitter. There is power in putting out great content and then watching the retweets (RT’s ) start to pour in and new people starting to follow you on Twitter.

Have you wondered about how to get more of your content retweeted? [Read more…]