7 Simple Ways To Boost SEO With Pinterest

Pinterest is becoming the fastest growing social media platform, so it pays to tap into this gold mine of SEO opportunities. Whether your SEO efforts focus on creating backlinks, keyword rich text, or content marketing, Pinterest is a valuable SEO tool. Here’s how to harness it for your marketing efforts.

1. Create Unique Content

create unique pinterest content

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Just like websites, blogs, and other Internet outlets, fresh and unique content is rated higher than rehashed material. Pinterest is a highly visual platform, perhaps second only to You Tube. Add visually interesting photos, graphics, videos, and design elements to make your Pinterest page stand out from the rest.

2. Build Backlinks into Content

When you create captions and content for your Pinterest posts, add relevant links to your website or blog. This helps build traffic, and each time people repin your posts they generate additional backlinks for you. Always look for opportunities to link content back to your main website for maximum exposure.

3. Enrich Content with Keywords

Keyword are as relevant in your Pinterest posts as they are on your landing pages and blog. Always incorporate relevant keywords into your titles, captions, and content. This is just one more way to boost your search engine rankings for your target keywords.

4. Put a “Pin It” Button Up

Don’t forget to add a “Pin It” button to your blog, website, and other online pages. This allows Pinterest users to get the message out for you, even if you haven’t pinned the post yourself.

5. Build Your Followers

Like all social media, you have to work hard to build a follower base, but you rank better with search engines when your base is large. Build followers by following others. Comment on and like their posts. When you get active with other Pinterest users, they will take notice of you.

6. Sync Pinterest with Other Websites and Accounts

Sometimes people fail to link all their online accounts, which fails to maximize the SEO value of all your produced content. Make sure your Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, You Tube, and other social media accounts are synced up, and check to see that all of them are tied back to your website and blog.

7. Use the Categories Feature

The Categories feature of Pinterest allows you to identify with a particular niche, upping your search engine rankings in that particular category. Keep your Pinterest account clean and up to date, and always be sure to address questions or concerns from users.

Social media is gradually becoming more important for SEO marketers, and as the fastest growing, Pinterest shouldn’t be ignored. The key to Pinterest success is making your messages visually appealing, and many businesses choose to hire a professional designer to do this work. If you have a particularly artistic staff member, this is the perfect person to assign to manage your Pinterest account.

If you’re unfamiliar with the basics of Pintrest, you can find out what you need to know at Pinning 101.

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