4 Things Small Business Owners Should Know About Google

Google is more than just one of the most popular search engines in the world, it’s also a lucrative source of advertising. If you simply worry about page rank and search results, you need to start expanding your horizons. While those things are important, Google can do so much more for your small business—but only if you take advantage of everything it offers.

Google Authorship Lends You Expertise

google authorship

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Every small business needs both a website and a company blog, whether the blog is on your site or separate. Your blog can pull in more new customers than you might imagine, but only if people know about it, read it, and trust it. That’s why Google Authorship is so important.

Your Author Rank comes from a combination of rank, which is very valuable, and trust, which is even more valuable. If you’re seen as an expert in your field, you get more traffic, more customers, and more sales. Author Rank lets consumers know you’re a professional, not just a hobbyist blogger doing something for the fun of it. You get a good Author Rank not just by having lots of readers, but by providing high quality content with rich, relevant keywords. Above all, relevancy is the key.

Google+ Really Does Help

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Do you use Google+? It was a huge thing when it launched, then it faded off a bit. Over time, however, it’s gained in popularity, first among individuals and then among businesses. It’s like Facebook, but more professional; like LinkedIn, but more involved; and like Twitter, but less restricted. More features, such as Blogger, are ultimately becoming part of G+, so you’ll have one go-to spot for all your business related updates, and even your blog.

Google+ is no longer a simple aggregator. Instead, it will become the place where you can distribute the content you write—the same content that gives you an expert status. Ultimately, G+ will have an enormous effect on SEO practices, so it’s a good idea to get on board now.

All Those Updates Have a Point

google panda google penguin

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Google Panda and Google Penguin struck fear in the hearts of bloggers and small businesses that rely on content. There’s no reason to feel afraid, though. If you provide quality content, these updates are good for you. If you’ve done effective search engine optimization on your site, with your Google Authorship, you have nothing to worry about. They mean that no content farms can overtake your expert status simply because they pump out a bunch of keyword-laden content that doesn’t really explain your niche. As long as you stay relevant and share meaningful information about your business, you will benefit.

You Can Get Paid from Anywhere

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Google is also changing the way people can pay you. For instance, upcoming updates include the ability to send and receive payments through email. That’s endlessly efficient, especially if you have an online business and deal with people who don’t have Paypal. Other enhancements, such as the ability for small businesses to pay all of their bills and vendors online, will further streamline your e-commerce.

Google can really help your small business if you can make it work for you. What upcoming features will benefit you the most?

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