4 Steps To Improve Your Twitter Strategy For Business

Anyone can use Twitter to communicate basic ideas. But it takes creativity and originality to make Twitter work for your business. Don’t settle for boring status updates. Take your tweets a step forward with these strategies.

1. Make Your Followers Feel Like Celebrities

make your twitter followers feel special

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Tweetups (yep, that’s a combo of “tweet” and “meet up”) lets your business treat its Twitter followers like celebrities.

Imagine the following scenario. You’re a regular guy. You haven’t been in a movie since the 1980s. When your last album dropped, it wiggled on the floor for a second and then died. And, honestly, you have haven’t dated a model in years.

Then you get a tweet inviting you to a secret party hosted by your favorite company. That party will feature celebrities (probably not Jay-Z, but maybe Kanye, and definitely Paris Hilton), fine champagnes, and a ton of women fresh from the pages of a Land’s End catalogue.

You might not feel like A-list celebrity, but you still feel pretty special. That’s because a company used Twitter properly to get you involved in the real world instead of just the virtual world.

2. Ask Followers to Make Marketing/Product Decisions

Why would you waste thousands of dollars hiring a third-party marketing specialist when you can use Twitter to ask your fans questions for free?

Twitter gives you unprecedented access to your fans. It makes sense to use that connection to create better marketing campaigns and products that they will like.

Let’s say you own a clothing company, but you’re having a hard time deciding whether next year’s trend will include short cardigan sweaters, leather skirts, striped shirts, or gun holsters that carry cans of soda. Use Twitter to ask your followers which product idea they like most.

You can assume that a few outliers will pull your chain with the gun holster, but you just added that for a laugh anyway. Then again, if it gets enough votes…

3. Reward Followers Who Promote Your Products

How do you reach people who aren’t already your fans?

Have your followers reach out to their connections. Suddenly, your circle of influence grows exponentially.

You can get your followers to promote your products by rewarding them whenever they post tweets mentioning your business name, links, or products.

You might want to set a limit on how many freebies they get in a day, though. Otherwise, you’ll have a super-fan sitting on a bunker of your best product by the end of the week.

4. Target Your Audience with Carefully Crafted Language

You have to know your audience if you want to make Twitter work for your business. A large business that has customers from all demographics will want to use conservative language that couldn’t possibly offend anyone.

If you have worked hard to build a brand with a “cutting edge” attitude, though, use the kind of language and humor that appeals to your audience. If your followers expect to be a little shocked, give it to them. If they expect straight-forward information, though, stick to the basics.

What other Twitter strategies have you seen companies use? There’s no shame in making someone else’s idea your own if it helps your business succeed.

About Timothy Carter

Timothy Carter is a digital marketing consultant. An internet marketing veteran 18+ years, Timothy has experience helping small business, solo-preneurs in both B2B and B2C markets dramatically increase their organic and social media traffic to their businesses. Currently the Director of Business Development for the Seattle-based agency, AudienceBloom. When not writing for MarketingLand, SmallBizTrends, MarketingProfs or working, he's enjoying life as a father, husband, playing disc golf, enjoys a good cigar, drinking Kona coffee and making plans for his next extended trip to Hawaii.


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